Despite the availability of measurable data, many businesses today squander their marketing budgets by flying blind, making big dollar decisions based on nothing more than educated guesswork.

Frankly, that’s just not on.

Marketing for growth is a combination of effective communication combined with deep insight based on facts, rather than just a hunch.

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Get naked with Frank – and get growing.

Are you ready to get it all out in the open? Customer surveys, clicks, likes…that’s only part of the story. Frank looks at every single customer response to your campaigns. In detail. We apply deep customer insights and illuminate the opportunities for transformation. Our methodology is rooted in understanding our clients’ customers and the journey they follow with a brand. We engage in the moments that matter, opportunities for transformation, intervention and optimization and even listen to customer phone calls, gathering the information you need to refine your methods and grow your business.

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Business transformation requires deep insight, an understanding of where the opportunity lies, the roadmap to get there and the organizational factors in play. Our methodology is rooted in understanding our clients’ customers and the journey they follow with a brand.

The Journey as the foundation and filter for prioritization. We engage in the moments that matter through assessing the product, service, experience and organizational opportunities for transformation.

By applying deep customer insights to the entire customer journey, we systemically improve the breadth and depth of customer engagement with measurable improvements to key business metrics throughout the customer lifetime. Further, the journey illuminates and focuses opportunities for business transformation centered on real value for both the customer and the client.

These days, people are busy, distracted – and skeptical of advertising. So as a marketer, how do you break through the noise and reach customers in a way that’s fresh, entertaining and highly engaging? Insight and ideas matter more than ever, but a new type of marketing is required to win.

We call it Multi Dimensional Marketing.

Multidimensional Marketing doesn't rely on interruption or persuasion. Instead, prospects and customers actively participate in the marketing programs, all while sharing content and contributing to the experience. It means that ideas are intelligent, personalized and targeted, through the use of rich data and targeting technology.

The pinnacle of Multi Dimensional Marketing is a dynamic blend of creativity, data science, context, and compelling content that puts customers at the center of the action – and delivers a unique, indispensable and highly relevant experience.

The average person can do more with his or her phone in an hour than their parents could do in a week using the world’s fastest computer. The web provides instant access to information, but that volume of choice and ease of access breeds a paralyzing complexity. In order to thrive in this world, brands have to simplify the experience and create value at every single touch point.

FRANK! was built on understanding the landscape and executing the future. And we serve the empowered customer of today through a solution we call Discovering The Inner You.

It starts with customer behavior. Data has never been more prevalent and available. The challenge is how best to use it all, for which they need a true grasp of customer experience.

Strategically, we map connections between our clients’ customers and our clients’ brands. Then we make correlations between customer behavior and the goals those businesses are trying to achieve to discover their inner self.

We are committed to helping our clients achieve success across the complicated ecosystem not just once but over time. We work to make sure the solutions we put into market are measured and improved, while providing a look at new behaviors and opportunities that arise continuously.

Case Study

A recent FRANK project saw us working with our client Consilium to take a new (and still ‘classified’) technology into the mining and resource sector. The key challenge was that, while game-changing in its capabilities, the technology in question was almost 100% software-based.

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Recent Work

Finance, technology, retail, football, education and politics.

FRANK ideas have been at work in the recent past for the University of Melbourne, Study Melbourne and The University of Adelaide, too.

We’ve helped take artificial intelligence into the mining industry while telling the world what women can achieve in AFLW football.

We’ve had a hand in politics, too. Perhaps proving that great ideas and smart communication will always have their place…even in Canberra

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These guys are all FRANK!

Talk about being schizophrenic. Frank is just as creative as he is analytical, and brings plenty of experience to the party, too. Welcome to the multiple personalities of FRANK!

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