Case Study

Sometimes you just have to look like a tool.

A recent FRANK project saw us working with our client Consilium to take a new (and still ‘classified’) technology into the mining and resource sector. The key challenge was that, while game-changing in its capabilities, the technology in question was almost 100% software-based.

It’s hard to get excited about a flash drive. And with its tough, nuts-and-bolts working environment, the resource and mining sector can be very skeptical about relying on what it sees as ‘frail’ technology. It’s a sector that likes its equipment big, reliable and yellow.

FRANK responded by packaging the technology as a tool, with robust branding in strong, familiar colours. We also created a crystal-clear 2D explainer video concept that avoids tech-talk to clearly deliver the advantages of the new ‘tool’ – better machine reliability and cost-savings through greater efficiency.

Happy client. Plenty of appointments in the pipes. Proving that even if what you have to sell is breakthrough technology, sometimes opening new doors calls for a bulldozer.

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