Marketing: Feeling Good Or Feeling Better?

By - 05/11/2017 - Marketing

Feeling good or feeling better?


Marketing Health Check


Have you made your list? Taken care of all of the marketing jobs that you need to take care of in order to make your business great?

Hey, it can be easy to get all self-congratulatory simply when recognizing that you’ve spent some time working ‘on’ your business rather than ‘in’ your business. (Yep, that old cliché!) So when you are committed to improving your business – and doing it efficiently – it helps to have a plan. Even just a spreadsheet or a list to try to keep track of those dozens of things that have to be done in order to help grow your business.

Write them down. Prioritise them. Tackle them efficiently. Tick them off. Stuff them up.

Hang on…stuff them up?

Yep. Because while some business tasks can just be lined up and knocked down, when you take that approach to marketing, you are stuffing it up.

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The ‘line it up and knock it down’ approach to marketing generally goes like this:

  1. Consider your business income
  2. Allocate a marketing budget
  3. Engage a marketing provider such as an advertising agency
  4. Plan your creative approach
  5. Plan your media
  6. Run your media
  7. Repeat
  8. Waste your money

Somewhere after Step 6, it all goes wrong. Now, in the name of business efficiency it can seem to make sense that you regularly allocate and spend a marketing budget. And it does make sense. That’s what everyone does, right?

But regardless of how amazing your creative is and how carefully considered your media plan, if you go to market and then repeat the process without studying every customer enquiry and optimizing your next campaign using what you’ve learned, you are wasting your money. Because not paying attention to the information in customer calls and website visits is effectively flying blind. You might see results that look a lot like success to begin with but eventually enquiries will plateau and growth will stall.

And isn’t it all about business and marketing growth?

Planning and spending your marketing budget ticks a box and that can feel good. We’re all busy, so it’s tempting to just keep ticking that box. Budget spent, weirdo advertising guys dealt with, now, back to work, right? But that’s a bit like saying that your gas guzzler is comfortable and you’re happy with it. Keep doing it long enough and you’ll end up looking for a service station that still sells petrol while everyone else is happily recharging their electric cars. You can’t really afford to ignore that there’s a better, more efficient way of moving ahead.

If just spending your marketing and advertising budget is enough to keep you feeling good then you are much like most businesses in Australia today – you are focused on an obligation, rather than any real expectations. But if you still find yourself longing for something more from a business you put your heart and soul into, maybe it’s time you got off the treadmill and started really using the information that your customer enquiries are freely giving you. You might be surprised just how much better it feels.

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