Meet Frank!

All these guys are Frank!

Talk about split personalities. Frank is just as creative as he is analytical, and brings plenty of experience to the party, too. Welcome to the multidimensional sides of Frank.

Partner - Strategy Planner, Media Planner & CEO

John Curnow

A veteran of more campaigns than Vegemite, John’s experience in advertising agencies achieving big growth for previously unknown brands made him familiar with all the traditional techniques in marketing – and prompted him to break out on his own in order to explore new approaches. Performance, rapid growth and a Telstra Business Award in the Fast Mover category quickly followed.

John has vast experience delivering campaigns for results-focused direct marketers. Brands and retailers in categories including home improvement, healthcare, renewable energy, finance, building and more.

His recent focus has been on developing an advertising call tracking company capable of keeping the entire process accountable. Including himself.

“Investors always focus on constant, steady growth. Anyone who settles for less from their advertising investment has their head in their sand. Or up their bum!”

Partner - Creative Director & Writer

Kym Liebig

Unruly hair, questionable dress sense, odd working hours…it follows that Kym has been a creative writer and concept specialist all his life. He cut his teeth in radio before moving in to agency land and eventually becoming director of his own specialist creative communications business.

Kym’s left-of-centre thinking has worked to promote businesses, services and products of virtually every type, including AFL football clubs, government clients, luxury wine brands and specialty stores. He has led creative teams producing TV, radio and social media material through three national and two state election campaigns.

“Understanding what a client is offering and who they need to target. Then communicate in a way designed to engage and motivate that specific audience. And try hard not to make it look like advertising!”

Art Director & Brand Consultant

Alex Bianchini-Kometer

Every team needs a gun Designer and Brand Consultant and Alex is Frank’s. Alex consults with us and is our ‘go-to’ guy when design and branding needs to be smart, sharp and of national standard.


Alex moved through agency land quickly before heading into the competitive, fast-moving world of national sporting clubs and sees him working as Brand Manager for one of Australia’s most established and high-profile football clubs.

Graphic & Digital Designer

Jana Venelinova

Adept at managing Graphic Design projects from concept to completion, Jana also brings great photography skills to the table. She’s well-versed with the sort of tight deadlines that come with the territory in advertising, and always ready to work closely with all stakeholders to help create a vision, conceive designs and meet tight deadlines.


Asif Rasheed

FRANK’s webmaster and digital propeller head. Experienced in planning and delivering software platforms used across multiple products and organizational units. Expertise and hands on experience with web applications and programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, Laravel, WordPress, Joomla, Ajax and API’s. Functional knowledge and hands on design experience with web services (REST/SOAP). Strong grasp of security principles and how they apply to E-Commerce applications. Asif has created over 300 websites for companies local and abroad.

I.T. & Digital Specialist

Brett Honeychurch

FRANK very much inhabits the digital world. That calls for the skills of an I.T and Digital specialist and Brett Honeychurch is our man. With around 13 years in I.T and Digital Integration, Brett’s experience spans large networks, databases, virtualised environments and a host of web technologies.


Brett’s digital capabilities include web and production management and systems integration. He brings to FRANK experience and understanding in network management, web hosting, web design and implementation. And just to help everyone sleep better at night, Brett is well-versed in server and network security, too.

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