Remember creative?

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Remember creative?

Not so long ago advertising agencies paraded their creative people like rock stars, or sometimes just weird-yet-inspired recluses. The thinking was that creatives didn’t look, act or think like ‘normal’ people, so their skills excused all sorts of odd behavior (and ponytails). Their skills also often commanded a hefty price.


But as media evolved and media research and planning improved, creative ideas – at least at retail level – lost some of their shine. Research, plan, buy, yell, sell. Marketing started to look a lot more like science and so creative took a back seat. The problem with this is that while the science of media has improved out of sight, it was never going to be a replacement for great ideas. Because however cost-effectively you buy, no matter how cleverly you plan and regardless of the value proposition you put forward, an engaging and memorable concept will always outperform an ordinary spot.


Great creative is a value amplifier. It has the power to make a modest media schedule deliver the benefits of a larger one. It saves money and it makes money.

Yet great concepts and executions are often seen as the exclusive realm of the big national brands. A lot of small and medium operators just aren’t bothered with it anymore.


At Frank we are great believers in the advantages of modern media. The variety available, the planning and research available prior to going to market and particularly the tracking and refinement that can lead to growth with every campaign. But we haven’t turned our backs on creative; rather we very much embrace it. It’s one more tool that can be used to release the full potential of your marketing activity.


One of the side effects of the recent media revolution has been that many agencies have switched from keeping big creative teams in-house. Many have trimmed down to just a few. Good creative minds are always adaptable, so what this dispersal of big teams has meant is that there are now more independent creative operators available for hire than ever to help build dynamic, fluid at-need teams.


What really counts these days in making a great campaign is a combination of creativity and connections – connections to a network of independent operators offering a wide range of skills. This approach is quick, efficient, and unlike an in-house team, it never goes ‘stale’.


Frank’s creative director brings decades of experience to the party as well as a black book with connections across design, cinematography, animation, editing, illustration, aerial filming, sound design, voice talent…the whole smorgasbord. Because of this, we can build the team to fit the task, without it ever getting old-school expensive.


Media has changed for the better but in the rush to take advantage of what it has to offer, some businesses have missed the fact that really amazing creative, too, is now more accessible than ever. If you don’t have the best of media and creative, you’re not getting the best value for your investment.


Today’s creative is an efficient,  flexible force. And unlike before, there’s not a pontytail in sight.

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